Annette Krop-Benesch

Lecturer, Author, Consultant, Dark Sky Defender

Annette Krop-Benesch

Our world is full of wonders. Some are living beings, some are technical inventions. Science studies the wonders of nature, tries to explain all these things, and finds way to change our life. Sometimes it's hard to explain what scientists have discovered or why engineers do things the way they do. Sometimes experts get lost in their own expertise or their language is hard to understand for anybody who is not an expert on the same topic. Sometimes it's hard to start when there is lots of information on a topic. Then it helps to have a translator or somebody who can summarise all the information.

I am specifically interested in things related to light and biological rhythms. My job is to translate science and technology to non-experts who are curious. I also see myself as a connection between experts from different fields: biologists, engineers, social scientists, urban planners, etc. I sum up what we know about light and help to create new technologies and strategies to use them. I also help people to use light and darkness in a healthier way. And last but not least I aim to reduce the impact of artificial light on the environment.

I offer talks, workshops, articles, information material, and consultation to different aspects of light. No matter if you are a curious beginner in the world of light or a professional who needs input from other disciplines, I am sure we will find way to help your curiosity or your project. I am based in Berlin, but I offer most services online as well, and I am happy to talk to you in English.

Hafenstadt bei Nacht
Frau vor Sternenhimmel

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Articles about night and light covering health, ecology, lightpollution, safety, culture, and more.

Spaziergänger bei Sonnenuntergang


How does our body work, why do we get sick and what is the role of light in all this?

Annette Krop-Benesch

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